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Our Story

In 2008 when we founded Relay Ventures, an early stage venture capital fund focused exclusively on emerging mobile software, services, content, and technology, it was not a foregone conclusion that mobile would become a dominant global phenomenon. In fact, many people, with arguably more experience in the venture industry than us, thought we were making a big mistake. They told us mobile would be a niche. We thought differently. We had no idea it would evolve the way it did, but we had an inkling that it could be huge. So we struck out and labelled ourselves with the tag-line “Strictly Mobile” so that no one would be confused about our focus.

Around the same time, we began to gather thought leaders, entrepreneurs and executives together for an annual “un-conference” that we later branded Strictly Mobile. Now in it seventh year, Strictly Mobile is an invitation-only event attended by over three hundred people annually in Silicon Valley.  Over the years we have delved into such topics as the digital classroom with Sal Khan, founder of the Khan Academy, mobile security with the world’s most famous hacker, Kevin Mitnick, and digital healthcare with world-renowned cardiologist and author Dr. Eric Topol. Executives from Silicon Valley giants like Google, Apple, Yahoo, and eBay have debated on our stage. And many entrepreneurs building the next generation of start-ups have joined us to talk about their dreams and vision for the future. We are inspired by these thought leaders and entrepreneurs. They are the people creating today what we will talk about tomorrow.

This book is a collaboration with eleven of these thought leaders.  The result is a compilation of essays on a wide variety of topics all related to mobile, including self-driving cars, drones, robots, virtual reality, mobile payments, digital education, consumer health care, digital content, space exploration, artificial intelligence, and our relationship with technology.

Written for technology early-adopters and casual industry observers alike, this book is a primer, a road map to understanding the transformational impact mobile technology is having on our world.  Mobile is the largest man-made platform in history.