Kevin Talbot

The Largest Man-Made Platform in History

Kevin is Co-founder and Managing Partner of Relay Ventures, an early stage venture fund exclusively focused on mobile software, services, content, and technology. Kevin has been an entrepreneur, operator, and investor in both Canada and the United States for over twenty years. From 1997 until 2010, Kevin was with the venture capital arm of Royal Bank of Canada where he was Vice President of Venture Capital and Managing Director of RBC Venture Partners. He was focused on investments in financial services, SaaS, and enterprise software throughout North America. He cofounded Relay Ventures in 2008 with John Albright. Kevin holds an MBA, with distinction, from York University, a BA degree in Strategic Studies, and the ICD.D designation from the Institute of Corporate Directors’ Corporate Governance College at the Rotman School of Management, University of Toronto. Kevin also held an appointment as Adjunct Professor of Entrepreneurial Studies at the Schulich School of Business (York University) in Toronto. Kevin is based in Menlo Park, California.

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Gary Clayton

Will Technology Love Me Back?

Gary is the former Chief Creative Officer for Nuance Communications, where he held a unique role that sat at the intersection of strategy, innovation and design. Spanning the healthcare, consumer and enterprise markets, Gary’s team interpreted technology trends through a design lens to create next-generation user experiences. While at Nuance, Gary was instrumental in creating Nina, Wintermute, DragonTV, Dragon Reader, Dragon Go (Time Magazine Best Apps of the Year) and Dragon Dictation (Apple’s App Hall of Fame). Prior to joining Nuance, Gary was the Vice President of Speech Strategy for Yahoo! Where he invented un-constricted speech-enabled web search. Prior to Yahoo!, Gary was the Chief Creative Officer for Tellme Networks where he authored the company’s value proposition as it moved into the enterprise. Prior to Tellme, Gary was the founder of Clayton Multimedia where he specialized in media production including film, albums, toys, TV and all manner of media. Gary holds fifteen patents and applications, is a Grammy Award nominee, and his innovations have been acclaimed by a number of associations and journals, including the Wall Street Journal Innovation Awards. He is a voting member of the Grammys and the Emmys.

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John Couch

Education’s Digital Future

John Couch is Vice President of Education at Apple. He has over forty years of experience as a computer scientist, executive, and advocate for technology in education. Prior to Apple, John was the Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of DoubleTwist, Inc., a provider of genomic information and bioinformatic analysis technologies. John originally joined Apple in 1978 as Director of New Products reporting to Steve Jobs. He was Apple’s first Vice President of Software and Vice President/General Manager for the Lisa division. In 1985, he became Chairman of the Santa Fe Christian Schools turning the school into one of the first examples of how the creative use of technology can revolutionize learning in the classroom.  John holds a bachelor’s degree in computer science and a master’s degree in electrical engineering and computer science, both from the University of California at Berkeley where he was honored in 2000 as a Distinguished Alumnus. He has also been awarded an Honorary Doctorate of Humane Letters and a “Leadership in Innovation Award” from Philadelphia University. He is the author of the textbook, Compiler Construction: Theory and Practice and has taught at both University of California at Berkeley and Cal State San Jose. He is currently working on an education book on new dimensions in learning.

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Jennifer Haroon

Transforming Mobility with Self-Driving Cars

Jennifer Haroon is the Head of Business, Self-Driving Cars at Google, where she focuses on strategic initiatives, business operations and partnerships. She previously launched Project Link, a wholesale metro fiber network in Kampala, Uganda, represented Google on the Alliance for Affordable Internet (A4AI) and launched a number of Google’s health-related initiatives, including Google Flu Trends and the Flu Vaccine Finder.  Prior to Google, Jennifer was a Project Leader at the Boston Consulting Group. From the San Francisco and Stockholm offices, she worked with organizations ranging from global public health to private equity. Jennifer also worked as an Associate in the Equity Research group of Thomas Weisel Partners. Jennifer received her B.S. from Duke University and MBA from UC Berkeley's Haas School of Business.

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Aditya Khurjekar

How Mobile Has Created a New Way to Pay

Aditya Khurjekar is CEO of Let’s Talk Payments (LTP), a digital destination for global FinTech insights. LTP has been the fastest-growing source of curated content and data-driven research since 2013, and now reaches sixty thousand subscribers globally through its daily newsletter. Previously, Aditya was Executive Vice President at nD Bancgroup, a bank holding company that enabled mobile money experiences for consumer brands. In 2012, Aditya cofounded the breakout conference on emerging payments and financial services, Money2020, which now attracts more than thirteen thousand attendees every year. Until 2011, Aditya was the New Business Development Executive responsible for all mobile payments and commerce initiatives at Verizon Wireless. Since 2008, as a founding member, he had business ownership for Softcard, the mobile commerce joint venture between AT&T, T-Mobile, and Verizon. Aditya holds an MBA in Finance and Management from New York University and an MS in Electrical Engineering. He lives in Charlotte, North Carolina, and works with teams all over the world.

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Manish Kothari

Robots and Manipulation: The Next Frontier in Mobility

Manish Kothari is President of SRI Ventures and is a Vice President of SRI International where he leads the creation of high-value venture opportunities. Manish joined SRI in 2013 as a business development consultant and entrepreneur-in-residence. He became a program director in the Robotics Program in 2013. In 2014, he moved to SRI Ventures as director of commercial ventures and licensing, with an emphasis on health care, engineering, and physical sciences. Prior to joining SRI, Manish co-founded and was CEO of Mytrus, which offers a cloud-based software as a service (SaaS) platform for direct-to-participant clinical trials. Earlier, he was Vice President of R&D quality and operations for Simpirica Spine. There, he successfully built a spinal implant for lower back pain and spondylolisthesis. He holds multiple patents and is the author or co-author of several peer-reviewed publications and book chapters. Manish received his MS degree and PhD in bio-mechanical engineering from Cornell University, and he was a post-doctoral fellow at the University of California, San Francisco. His bachelor of technology degree in aerospace engineering (summa cum laude) is from the Indian Institute of Technology.

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Ezra Kucharz

The Mobile Front Lines

Ezra Kucharz has more than twenty years of experience creating, evolving, and managing a number of leading Internet properties. He has served as President of CBS Local Digital Media since January 2010, and oversees the online and mobile strategy for CBS Television Stations and CBS RADIO, using the assets of more than two dozen television and 126 radio stations. During his tenure, Ezra has developed a vast platform of news, sports, and entertainment Web destinations, bringing together the most trusted brands in media and offering visitors a truly “local” experience. The division’s digital offerings include live and on-demand audio and video streams, original programming, editorial features, and coverage of live concert events. Ezra earned his bachelor’s degree from Boston University in biomedical engineering and worked for NASA in their space shuttle and space station medical operations departments following graduation. He later earned masters degrees in engineering management and medical informatics at the University of Houston and Duke University, respectively.

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Bill Mark

Artificial Intelligence: The Brain Behind the Mobile Revolution

Bill Mark leads SRI International's Information and Computing Sciences division comprised of 250 researchers in four laboratories creating new technology in virtual personal assistance, computer vision, machine learning, information security, and speech analytics. In addition to leading-edge research, the group has a strong focus on commercializing technology, licensing technology to corporations, and creating spin-off companies such as Siri, Tempo, Kasisto, HyLites, and Desti. Prior to joining SRI in 1998, Dr. Mark headed the System Technology Group at National Semiconductor, focused on system-level design and implementation of the silicon-based systems of the future. His previous positions include those at Lockheed Martin Palo Alto Research Laboratories; Savoir, a company developing software tools for flexible manufacturing, of which he was cofounder; and the University of Southern California Information Sciences Institute. Dr. Mark has a PhD in computer science from Massachusetts Institute of Technology. His personal research interests include virtual personal assistance and mediated spaces.

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Bertrand Nepveu

Virtual Reality: The Final Platform

Bertrand Nepveu has spent his entire career working in the field of computer vision. From a very young age, he knew that he wanted to be an entrepreneur like his grandfather and change the world. Hardcore gamer since Donkey Kong on the ColecoVision, he became obsessed with virtual reality when he tried the Power Glove on the Nintendo Entertainment System. As an early adopter and gadget lover, he founded Vrvana in 2005 in order to fulfill his dream of improving the gaming experience by bringing the user inside the game. Geek at heart, he gathered the best and brightest in Montreal to create the ultimate mixed-reality headset. Bertrand holds a Computer Engineering degree from the Université de Sherbrooke and an MBA from HEC Montréal.

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Bob Richards

Pioneering the Lunar Frontier

Bob Richards is a space entrepreneur and futurist. He is a Co-founder of the International Space University, Singularity University, SEDS, the Space Generation Foundation and Moon Express, Inc. a lunar resources company competing in the $30M Google Lunar X PRIZE, where he currently serves as President and CEO. Bob chairs the space commerce committee of the Commercial Spaceflight Federation and is a member of the International Institute of Space Law. As Director of the Optech Space Division from 2002-2009, Bob led the company's technology into orbit in 2004 and to the surface of Mars in 2007 aboard the NASA Phoenix Lander, making the first discovery of falling Martian snow. Bob studied aerospace and industrial engineering at Ryerson University; physics and astronomy at the University of Toronto; and space science at Cornell University where he became special assistant to Carl Sagan. Bob is an evangelist of the "NewSpace" movement and has been a catalyst for a number of commercial space ventures. He is the recipient of the K.E. Tsiolkovski Medal (Russia, 1995), the Space Frontier “Vision to Reality” Award (USA , 1994), the Arthur C. Clarke Commendation (Sri Lanka, 1990) and Aviation & Space Technology Laurel (USA, 1988).  He is a contributing author of "Blueprint for Space"  (Smithsonian Institution 1992); "Return to the Moon" (Apogee Books 2005) and "The Farthest Shore" (ISU Press 2009). In 2005 Bob received a Doctorate of Space Achievement (honoris causa) from the International Space University for “distinguished accomplishments in support of humanity’s exploration and use of space.”

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Paola Santana

The Case for Autonomous Transportation

Paola is an entrepreneur, lawyer, and public policy expert. She is Co-founder and Head of Network Operations at Matternet, a Silicon Valley start-up creating the world’s next generation transportation system using networks of flying vehicles. A Fulbright scholar, GoodxGlobal Tech Fellow, Gifted Citizen awardee, and graduate from George Washington, Georgetown, and Singularity University, she aims to enact comprehensive regulatory frameworks and commercial ecosystems allowing the first networks of flying vehicles for transportation in the world. Previously with the World Bank, the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD), and the Dominican Republic’s National Elections Court and Constitutional Court, she has developed striking public infrastructure projects and designed strategic plans to integrate advanced exponential technologies into e-Government platforms. Paola enjoys exploration, disruptive thinking, philosophy, and the arts, and she dreams of advancing the human race forward.

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Eric Topol

The Creative Destruction of Medicine

Eric Topol, MD, is Professor of Genomics and holds the Scripps endowed chair in innovative medicine. He is the Director of the Scripps Translational Science Institute in La Jolla, California. Previously, he led the Cleveland Clinic to its number-one ranking in heart care, started a new medical school, and led key discoveries in heart disease. Eric is the author of two books: The Creative Destruction of Medicine: How the Digital Revolution Will Create Better Health Care and The Patient Will See You Now: The Future of Medicine Is in Your Hands.

Topol was selected as one of the 12 “Rock Stars of Science” by GQ and the Geoffrey Beene Foundation in 2009. He was elected to the American Society for Clinical Investigation, the Association of American Physicians, and the Johns Hopkins Society of Scholars. He was named Doctor of the Decade by the Institute for Scientific Information for being one of the top 10 most cited medical researchers. In 2012, Modern Healthcare ranked Topol as the most influential physician executive in the United States. He lives with his family in La Jolla, California.